Revision in Progress

I am old enough to remember the GeoCities “Website construction in progress” GIFs (and their endless derivatives!) first hand. I hated those things and their lazy promises. However, as I undergo a re-vamp of this domain holder, I had to use something as a place holder until the content seeps in. So for the moment, this is it. However, as long as the post-date for this is reasonably close to the day you are reading this, be assured that something’s actually happening. =:)

AUGUST 22nd UPDATE: Re-adding stuff again and cleaning up. Cleaned up the GitHub stuff and added a couple of the school projects that I liked into there. I also added 2 of my better (best?) ARGs that I ever made. Finally, I added a slimmed down selection of media that I made. I may add more later but keeping it sparse for the moment. Next up, I will be making an explainer video for “Get db” Filemaker database that I used. Not tonight but soon.